Long Term Impact of Narcissist

I had a very difficult winter.  If you read my blog regularly you might have noticed I stopped writing.  I was struggling with a lingering virus (remember-if you are the victim of a narcissist your health is compromised), but that was not the whole story.

I am increasingly aware of the long term impact of my relationship with my ex covert narc.  There was a time that I thought I could put it aside and move on. (i.e. this winter)  I now realize that will never be the case.  What I went through with him is part of my being, imprinted on my body and soul, woven into everything I do, think and say.

When we first separated after 24 years together, I was devastated, unable to function  He happily moved in with his new GF.  This  reinforced the message I’d been drowning in for 24 years – there was something inherently wrong with me, and something inherently right with him.  My therapist shared the following poem with me, and I kept it on my night stand and read it every night.





she believed

If you can’t see it, the “hidden” message says “he’s ok because he lied”.

I had put this away in a drawer, thinking I was done with it.  I now see that I will never be “done”;  this will be a process for the rest of my life.  It is important for me to continue reading new works and articles, and to share my story.   This work is as important as exercise, or eating vegetables every day.  It is simply a daily necessity.  And honestly, how awesome is it to read and remind yourself of how far you’ve come?

Today I’m sharing the article below.  I had asked the question “why do narcissists repeat the same thing over and over”.  This was in reference to someone I currently work with, but as I read the answers I was reminded of the hell I’ve endured, and how proud I am to be here today, able to function, and walk, and engage with others, and go through entire days during which I am happy.  Who saw that coming??  Not Me!

This is  informative, easy to digest and easy to read, and I highly recommend it.


I hope today you catch yourself smiling.

8 thoughts on “Long Term Impact of Narcissist

  1. I’m not one to self-promote, but you should read my book. How I survived…I don’t know. Have I recovered? No. My last therapist said, “you won’t live long enough to ever recover.”
    So…I wrote it down in black and white. My children think it’s about revenge, but it has nothing to do with revenge. It’s about setting the record straight.
    All the lies and deceit and the worst…telling everyone that I am “clinically insane,” was his spiel.
    He shot me through the heart and laid me all the way down. He thought I was going to stay there, while he and his tramp spent the rest of their happy little lives together. What he never expected was that “one day,” I was going to get up…and SHOOT BACK.

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