Cheaters & Liars

Strange story -  in the last episode of the Connor's  Jackie figured out that her boyfriend was cheating on her, and she kicked him to the curb.  Watching this took me down memory lane. Everything he says to her is something my ex said to me.  Things like: if you accuse me of cheating you're … Continue reading Cheaters & Liars


What I Meant To Do-Responsible Neighbor

  Last night it began to snow, and I knew by morning there would be about an inch on the ground.  I went to bed committed to the idea that I would be a good neighbor - I would wake up in time to clean off my stairs, and those of my elderly neighbors.  It … Continue reading What I Meant To Do-Responsible Neighbor

Capitalism, Cancer and Outrage

This morning my FaceBook feed alerted me to Sephora's new program, designed to benefit cancer patients.  During a 6 minute video they show bald, scared, suffering women, getting makeup and skin care tips, then walking through the store being shown products by a Sephora employee.  Credits roll.   Women rejoice. Wait....... Right after my 1st round … Continue reading Capitalism, Cancer and Outrage