The Narcissist-Four Years Later

REVENGE   People say that the best revenge after divorce is to live your best life.  While it's not perfect, I am definitely living the best life I've ever lived.  I still struggle with my health (life long battle thanks to the steady barrage of gas lighting from my ex narc), but aside from that, … Continue reading The Narcissist-Four Years Later


Cats, Dogs & Sexism

  I have a cat and a dog, both of whom  I love.  My dog has been plastered by my side through chemo, divorce, moving: every moment of the 10 years she's been with me.  When I've been too sick to walk her she runs outside, does her business and gets right back in bed … Continue reading Cats, Dogs & Sexism

Capitalism, Cancer and Outrage

This morning my FaceBook feed alerted me to Sephora's new program, designed to benefit cancer patients.  During a 6 minute video they show bald, scared, suffering women, getting makeup and skin care tips, then walking through the store being shown products by a Sephora employee.  Credits roll.   Women rejoice. Wait....... Right after my 1st round … Continue reading Capitalism, Cancer and Outrage