I’ve been mired in a flashback because of issues in my home.  I stumbled cross the guru of flashbacks, Pete Walker.  His site is pete-walker.com and I highly recommend it.  As a relative newby to all of this, I needed a source that really breaks down what a flashback is, why it occurs, how it manifests. and what to do about it.  He goes into detail about all of these issues, he’s easy to read and he includes one of my favorite things:  steps to take!  I love a good checklist!

A few things I now get are this:

  • there are numerous triggers in my life that will cause flashbacks
  • I know I’m experiencing a flashback when I begin feeling helpless and despondent, my anxiety takes over and I check out of life
  • If I’m in a flashback my stomach is constantly clenched.  No wonder I’m so sick!
  • Once I understand that I am experiencing a flashback, I can fairly easily identify the trigger
  • I need to learn how to manage them, because they will kill me

I now understand that I spent most of my marriage in a state of constant flashback, which explains my illnesses, my anxiety and depression, my inability to function and my relentless fear.  It is all part of Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, which is really complicated.  I’ve been learning about it and doing some work to combat it, but Pete Walkers writing has opened some new channels of understanding for me.


If yo have C-PTSD please check out his website.  It might change everything.

3 thoughts on “Flashbacks

  1. Triggers and flashbacks are so ingrained in my being that I can’t seem to find a way to escape them. I have read so many articles on CPTSD but I can’t seem to find a way to apply the advice.


    • Try EMDR of Tapping. You have to retrain your brain 1st. Then you will be able to understand when you are having a flashback. Not that I”m an expert, but EMDR was a game changer for me.


      • I saw something about that…posted. My problem is that I have fingernails! LOL And they’re real…not fake. I actually tried it while I was reading the post and all I did was poke myself! 🙂


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