Karma-A Narcissists’ Best Friend

Note:  If we are friends/relatives in real life, this is the one and only time I will discuss this subject.  

Today, Mother’s Day, two of my three sons took me out to eat.  The third hasn’t spoken to me in 1 year, 355 days, ever since his dad took him in when I tried to make him get help for excessive drinking, overeating and addictive video gaming.

I’ve been asking my eldest to go out to lunch with me for the past several weeks, and he’s always too busy.  I didn’t question this.  He works hard, he’s good at his job and he’s a good kid.  Today I found out what he’s been busy doing.  He’s been spending time at the Jersey shore, helping his dad and dad’s 3rd wife buy a shore house.  Yesterday he spent the day, the entire day, helping them set up furniture and other odds and ends.

How ironic that I felt guilty asking him to help move around furniture so I could paint my house, by myself, when he’s been spending copious amounts of time helping his dad and dads new bride.  Huh.

So, the next time you start to utter the phrase “karma’s a bitch”, think about this:

  • my ex started his business with my money and my free labor
  • my ex used his business to hide money from me, and to find women to fuck
  • my ex then sold our business for much less than it was worth
  • my ex took a much lower paying job so his child support and alimony would be less
  • my ex moved into the “cool” neighborhood with his new whore, and now takes 4-6 vacations a year, including weeks in Vale, weekends in the Dominican, trips to Napa Valley and Jamaica
  • my ex drives a Cadillac while I drive a 2008 Nissan Rogue that people identify by the damage on each panel
  • my ex takes our 16 year old every other weekend, then goes to work.  He does this so he can take time off during the week to shop for vacation houses at the shore.

I’d go on but I have a headache.

As far as I can tell there are only 2 possible explanations:

1 – I am 100% wrong about everything that went on.  I am the bad guy.  All the terrible things he said to me during our marriage are true and I a wretched being who deserves to be middle aged, alone and poor.  I was the problem in our marriage and, if not for me, he’d be a wildly successful businessman.



2 – There is no such thing as Karma.


Judge for yourself.  I’m sick of it.  Happy Fucking Mother’s Day.


6 thoughts on “Karma-A Narcissists’ Best Friend

  1. My ex is a narcissist and I have had to deal with this for years he has brain washed my daughter. Have a look at my blog. I know exactly how you feel. Karma never gets him unfortunately x


  2. I seem to remember something about the most deserving are always the one that suffer the greatest because the devil is trying to get them to switch to his side so he keeps creating troubles to show them that they need to give up on Christian values and those that are on the devil’s “side” seem to be reaping the benefits (as your husband seems to ) but in the end you will be the lucky one because you won’t be burning in hell 😉


  3. Yeh, karma isn’t a thing I can get behind. Because it means I did something to deserve my circumstances and I can’t fathom that I’m a terrible person. And I see people around me who are wonderful and their world keeps getting hit by the sledgehammer of dumb. And they definitely don’t deserve it. Karma as a theorem of religion is like many others, a scare tactic. And I can’t get behind it.

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