Anxiety & Narcissistic Abuse

Anxiety has followed me all of my life.  In recent years I’ve managed to temper it’s impact.  In new situations, like my recent travel to Sri Lanka, I can leave anxiety at home. Oddly, it still haunts me in some ordinary, day to day circumstances.  I assume the association between many normal life events and anxiety are so well entrenched I might never escape it fully,

When viewed in terms of narcissistic abuse it makes perfect sense.  Being raised by narcissists and other disordered people, you learn from the beginning that nothing you do matters; you control nothing and you can not predict the outcome in any situation.

Research is now substantiating the correlation many of us have lived with.


2 thoughts on “Anxiety & Narcissistic Abuse

  1. My daughter has just finished her masters and a great deal of her time was learning about how flexible and plastic the brain is. We have been told forever that our brains are hardwired and cannot change but that is not true. I sincerely hope you are using EMDR to help you recover from the abuse that you have had to deal with all your life. It doesn’t take away the memories it makes them much more manageable


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