Hard Not to Wallow

2 Months before our 23rd anniversary:

Divorce requested by him 3/31/14.  Denial of affair.

Flowers sent to GH 4/4/14; receipt found by me 4/6.

4/14/14 – made him move out; told the kids.

4/2015 – vacation with the GF.  Celebrating 1 year official anniversary?

5/2015 – GF introduced to kids.  Always with them now.

7/2015 – GF introduced to extended family.

7 – 12/2015 – various weekends and small trips with GF

2/2016 – Vacation with GF to Jamacia

3/2016 – Vacation with GF to S. Carolina.

4/2016 – Vacation with GF to California.

4/14 – Moves in with GF.


So meticulously planned.  The 2 year point, designed to fool a judge, fool the community, fool the kids.  Fools everyone but me and him.

I wonder if our son will have a bed now or will he still be sleeping on the sofa?


Hard not to feel bitter.

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