Let It Be

What Charlotte Taught Me Meet Charlotte.  She's the one with 3 legs.  I'm the one with 2 legs. While I might be the one writing this blog, I am only repeating what Charlotte taught me.   It might be useful to anyone going through any type of trauma, whether it be an illness, divorce, abuse, a … Continue reading Let It Be

Hard Not to Wallow

2 Months before our 23rd anniversary: Divorce requested by him 3/31/14.  Denial of affair. Flowers sent to GH 4/4/14; receipt found by me 4/6. 4/14/14 - made him move out; told the kids. 4/2015 - vacation with the GF.  Celebrating 1 year official anniversary? 5/2015 - GF introduced to kids.  Always with them now. 7/2015 … Continue reading Hard Not to Wallow