Bank Of America – Power Mongers

Not sure what a PS is when put before the blog, but had to add this information I stumbled across.  It is all a scam, with tax payers $.


Bank Of America.   Wow.  Just wow.

The details are complicated, so I’ll try to sum up what has happened quickly.  I was assured, 6 weeks ago, by the case manager assigned to my case [who had allegedly confirmed all of this with his supervisor] that my mortgage modification was complete and we were just waiting for final paperwork.

I breathed a sigh of relief when he 1st told me this, 6 weeks ago.  Here’s why:  acceptance of the mortgage modification clears up fines, penalties and interest accrued while my ex refused to make the mortgage payments.  This is important.  These add up to over $12,000.   This is pretty damned ugly on my credit report.

What difference does it make?  Thanks for asking.  I’d love to tell you.

The obvious reason is that I was told I had done what I needed to do, and my credit report would be cleaned up, which was a lie.  This is important, yes, but it is not the major issue.

The major issue is that apparently BoA can do whatever they want, in any way they want to do it, and consumers have no recourse.  I am told that there is no one for me to talk to, that there is nothing that can be done to correct this, that I just have to do what they tell me to do.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but that sounds an awful lot like abuse of power to me.

What I am particularly upset about is the fact that I’ve been cooperative.  I’ve done everything they told me to do, and I’ve done it happily.  I was thrilled at the thought that I could make this right.  All I’ve wanted was to work things out, to make up for my ex’s lack of payments, and turn this situation around.  And according to my case manager, I was doing just that.  I had cooperated and done what they asked me to do, so I was getting my credit report restored, because I was making the payments they asked to make.

I accept the fact that there are many, many things no one can control.  For example, I accept the fact that even if I follow all of my oncologists’s recommendation there is no guarantee that I will remain cancer free.  I accept the fact that even if I follow every traffic rule there is no guarantee that I won’t be in a car accident.  I accept the fact that even if I scrub all my fruits and vegetables I could still get food poisoning.  These are the types of things that are truely out of the control of humans.

But the actions of BoA????  Not only is this situation within their control, they have all of the power and are not afraid to use it.  I am being told I am helpless.  I have no recourse.  There is no one I can talk to, nothing I can do.

I am not okay with this.  I am outraged that what should have been a black and white transaction, a done deal, a guarantee, is not because this company decided not to honor what they set forth.  And I’m scared.  If they can do this, what else can they do?  If they can force me to restart a 3 month process to clear my credit report, what is to stop them from making me do another 3 month process once the second one is done?  Nothing.  Nothing can stop them!  They can do whatever they want, in any way they want.  WTH???

As a general rule I insist on getting things in writing.  My realtor keeps asking me to call him and I do, then I send a follow up email, so I have, in writing, what has been decided.  I wanted so badly to get all of this with BoA in writing.  I spent over a half an hour setting up an account on their “portal” so I could ask for written responses from my case manager.  I had to set up 7 security questions.  Apparently BoA takes security seriously.  Or….are they discouraging people from logging on to their portal?  I’m guessing it’s the second, and here’s why.

After setting up my 7 security questions, creating my password with ridiculous rules, and verifying the account number, I was told I was denied access.  I was told to call my casemangater.  Hahahaha.   Why is this funny?

Because there is no way to call my case manager.

He doesn’t have his own extension and no one can tell me if he’s available or not.  The only way to get in touch with him is to call, over and over, until he finally happens to be the customer service rep who picks up.  I did this.  He said “your ex is the “primary” on this account, so only he can use the portal”.   Once again I was befuddled.  We are joint owners of the property, so why is he “primary”.  The answer – “don’t know, nothing I can do”.

I emailed the “primary” and asked him to log on to the portal so we could get answers in writing.  Guess what he did?  He called.  He got on the phone with the 1st customer service rep to answer, who assured him everything was fine and he could walk awa

y.  Then he emailed me and said “See, I took care of this and I did it my way”.   Did BoA know he would never log on and therefore made him the “primary”?  I don’t know.  I do know I should have suggested he call, because then he probably would have corresponded in writing.  Anything to make sure he’s not doing what “I told him to do”.

All I know is this:  I am sick and tired of others being in control of my destiny and not honoring that responsibility.  I was raised to be nice and cooperative, to not make waves ,and all it’s ever gotten me is screwed.

Those days are over.  Call me a raving lunatic bat-shit crazy bitch and I’ll smile and say “damn right.  Scared??”.   The “nice” cells in my brain blew up today, and I intend to never welcome them back.

Welcome to a new me.  And be afraid.  Very afraid.

&, in case you read my blogs regularly, I plan to manage the shit out of this situation.

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