Things I want to say today
It’s been a shit day.  After  a shit night.  After another shit day.
Here are some apologies, requests, and questions for the world.
Mailwoman: I am sorry you can’t get to my mailbox.  My bad – not yours!  I pray you don’t stress about the fact that you couldn’t deliver my mail today.  In fact, I hope you are ranting about what an ass I am!
Vanguard: Really??? I’ve been your customer since the early 90’s. Can you stop jerking me around?  It has taken you over 20 minutes to puruse all of the certified paper work you’ve made me submit in the past month.  Perhaps you should just do what the court has ordered, and what my ex and I have complied with????
Geico: My reward for no claims and a 6 month older car is an increased insurance rate? Hmmmm……
Landlords: I get it – today sucked. But answer my call. Don’t make your employees deal with my complaint about the heat being out.   & please don’t ignore the fact that in plowing you took away 4 parking spaces, valuable to my business, and left ice at the entrance of my parking lot.  Mistakes happen – please deal with them.
State of PA: I understand that you can not hold a person accountable for actions they were to take in February, until the end of Feb. Do you get that I have to pay my mortgage, my electric, my heat, & feed my son in the month of February??? Now that we are half way through March, can you address my collection issues?? Like – for real??? I‘d love to Not Call You Every Other Day!!  I’m guessing you’d love to not hear from me every other day.  Mutual goals – let’s achieve, eh?
House Hunters: No, you can not come see my house the day after a major snow storm. &, Please read my listing. I don’t have a basement or garage. Please don’t make me clean, and leave with my dog, when these are deal breakers for you. This is not a game for me.
Realtors:   Of course you have to show your buyers a variety of houses before they choose one.   Read My Listing.  No basement, no garage.  Your 15 minute walk through my HOME is a major ordeal for ME.  If you are looking at my home as a mechanism to make some other sale I think I deserve a cut of your commission.
My realtor.   I went out of my way to make sure you were the listing realtor.  I sold you to my ex spouse, his attorney and the courts.  How about respecting my boundaries?  I am alone in this house with a 15 year old boy (who is lovely, but A Boy).  After 30 showings I asked you, politely, to screen those coming to view the house.  I don’t think you’re doing that.  I get it.  We’re talking over $10K in your pocket, so of course, you want tons of people to go through my HOME to make it sell faster.  Here’s the thing:  Where is the line between you working hard for your own family and you taking advantage of me and mine?  Because I think we’ve crossed it.
Employers:  Yes, you pay me.  Yes, you have given me the title of “facilities manager”.  However, you are aware, and happy, that I can only work 10-12 hours each week.    I adore you both, but you can’t keep me on the hook for a problem that will take 20 hours to solve.  And, why are you asking me where things are/how things are done?  For example, when you ask me the paint color in the ladies room —  How Would I Know?  You opened this business 3 years ago.  I’ve been employed for 4 months.  If you haven’t given me this information, how would I know????  And I really do get it – you’re still working out the kinks on a relatively new business.  I don’t mind helping you do that.  But can you be nice about it?  Instead of looking at me like I’ve dropped the ball can you say “Hey, I think I should know this but I don’t; can you help” instead of “the heat isn’t working” coupled with the laser “fix it now” glare.  And, lest you take offense, I understand that the glare is equal parts “fix this” and “I know I should know this and be able to take care of it, but I can’t, please can you help”.  How about accentuating the second?  I have feelings.
My Son & My Pets.  Son, I let you stay home today, even though I knew you weren’t really sick.  Worked out well for me because when I tried to leave for work this morning and couldn’t move my car, you were there to help me.  (even thought I’d paid you to shovel it out yesterday…)  Son, we have a dog and a cat.  They require attention.  Why, when you are home and I am working, can’t you pay attention to them?  Why can’t you pick them up, put them on the sofa, and pet them while I’m gone??  And, if you can’t, why do you insist that we have them?  Here’s the truth: If I got rid of the pets we could rent a 2 bedroom apartment and not have to worry about things like shoveling out my car.  See how that works?  2 for 1 bonus?  But when I ask you “hey, what if we gave our pets to someone” you Freak Out.  I get that.  I adore our pets.  But come on – if you really love them, pay attention to them!!!   & yes, you have not witnessed the correlation between love and attention, but trust me – it is imperative.  When you’ve been home all day but I’ve been at work, I shouldn’t come home to 2 animals starving for attention – you can, and should, attend to the needs of another.
Pets:  I am Begging You.  Sit on someone else’s lap.  Let someone else feed you, love you, walk you, sleep with you.  Honestly, I’m not that great of a person!  The other people in our home are as loving and  generous as I, perhaps even more so.  Give them a chance.  Yes, I pay the bills but… you even know this?  WHAT IS THE ISSUE????  In the end, I do not have enough emotional energy to give you.  I can give you a roof over your head, food in your belly, and a bed to lay in, but I can not fulfill you emotionally.  Why, oh why, do you keep asking me to?
Ex Spouse:  Remorse?  Any?  Feeling bad that your 15 year old son said to me “mom it’s totally my fault that you can’t get your car out of the snow”, yet your GF is 100% shoveled out?  Silly question.  You aren’t capable of remorse.  & of course – this is my fault, right?  Got it.  Heard you.  Still convinced you’re a piece of shit.
Aside from this, I’ve had a really good day.  How has your day gone?

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