What I Meant To Do-Responsible Neighbor

  Last night it began to snow, and I knew by morning there would be about an inch on the ground.  I went to bed committed to the idea that I would be a good neighbor - I would wake up in time to clean off my stairs, and those of my elderly neighbors.  It … Continue reading What I Meant To Do-Responsible Neighbor


Things I want to say today It's been a shit day.  After  a shit night.  After another shit day. Here are some apologies, requests, and questions for the world. Mailwoman: I am sorry you can't get to my mailbox.  My bad - not yours!  I pray you don't stress about the fact that you couldn't … Continue reading Really??

Snow, Single Mothers’, Alzheimer’s & Guilt

The largest blizzard I ever lived through was in 1996.  I was 7 months pregnant, lived with my ex, our 3 year old, and my 7 year old step son.  We lived in a twin on a block made up of other twins, most of which were filled with young children.  It was a great … Continue reading Snow, Single Mothers’, Alzheimer’s & Guilt