Blog to Come…..

Every once in a while I write the 1st draft of a blog, and it goes missing.  Such is the case with today’s blog.

I am currently in the throes of trying to complete my taxes, part of which are dependent on assistance from my passive aggressive ex narcissist.  An hour ago I saved a draft of a detailed recitation of what is going on.  I saved it, then went to run an errand with my son.  Actually, we went on an ovarian cancer mission – more about that later.

I got home, pulled up my site and surprise – the draft is missing.

As annoyed as I am, I have to acknowledge that this is probably for the best.  Why?  Because the past few days have been maddening, and I had nothing nice to say about my ex narcissist.

It is possible that come tomorrow this post will take a whole different tone.  Not likely, but possible.

While you’re waiting, just know that I’m working on a post about my experience with my covert narcissist, which this year includes divorce, selling our business of 18 years, dealing with “our accountant” – aka, his buddy, and doing my taxes.

Completing my taxes feels like the perfect metaphor for putting 2018 to rest. As such, it is the ultimate clusterf***.

So stay tuned.  Tomorrow is a new day and perhaps a new outlook…….or perhaps not.  Can’t wait to see!

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