Love Bombing

Beware the Love Bomb

The Love Bomber is a sociopath.  He/she will change their personality, their wardrobe, their hobbies, even their car to mirror you.  They will quietly learn all about you, and once they know enough about you, they’ll pounce.   In addition to liking everything you do, they’ll say things like:

  • You understand me like no one else ever has.
  • I feel like I’ve finally found my soulmate.
  • I’ve never felt like this before.
  • My ex was a narcissist — she was toxic.
  • I feel like I can finally trust someone again.


Since you have so much in common with this person, and because they are very smitten with you, it is extremely hard to see what is happening.

There is one clear sign that you’re being love bombed :

It Feels Too Good To Be True.  It is unlike any relationship you have ever had.   As with most things in life, if it seems to good to be true, It Isn’t True.  Get Out.


There’s a ton of information about this.  Read everything you can if you aren’t sure what’s happening.

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