Escaping Narcissistic Abuse – the Mt. Everest of Recovery

If you are stuck in a toxic relationship, there are concrete steps you can take to escape. Comparing this endeavor to climbing Mt. Everest, here is a list of steps to take to begin recovery. Using these steps to establish a new base camp for your life.


Oprah & the Covert Narcissist

What is the Truth?   I've been trying for 3 days to write a blog about Oprah's Golden Globe speech without referencing my ex narc.  Alas, it is not meant to be.  I am compelled to write about the intersection of my ex narc and Oprah. Quick background - my ex left his 1st wife … Continue reading Oprah & the Covert Narcissist

It’s About Community

Isolation = the narcissists greatest weapon The narcissist slowly separates you from all the people you once knew.   Zooming in on your natural ambivalence towards your family and friends, the narcissist highlights the negatives of all around you; becomes your "protector" against them.  If that isn't enough, he stands between you and who ever … Continue reading It’s About Community

The Paradox of Fear

  Since I've been diagnosed with PSTD, and am about to embark on treatment specific to this issue, I feel compelled to research what this means.  EMDR, the current treatment for PSTD, addresses the connections in the many components of our brain.  I will be undergoing the same treatment as a soldier returning from war, … Continue reading The Paradox of Fear

Congrats: You’re The Chosen One

Congratulations!  You have been chosen by a narcissist. I know what you're thinking:  hmmm,  doesn't seem like this is a Good Thing.   Don't you usually congratulate someone for some type of achievement?  A promotion, a new baby, a new home, a new degree - these are the types of things you typically gets Congrats … Continue reading Congrats: You’re The Chosen One