My Stupid Inner Critic

At therapy this week my therapist said "we have to get rid of that inner critic, always putting you down" and the 1st thought that popped into my head was "I know.  I'm so stupid for doing that".   What a predicament!  How can I get rid of the voice that constantly criticizes me, when I'm … Continue reading My Stupid Inner Critic


Personality Traits: Both Good & Bad

The Real Me -   I've been trying to figure out who I am.  I was the bad seed in my family; the one who didn't quite fit but gave others a great laugh (not with, but at).  I've worked hard all of my life to not be who I am, and now that I'd … Continue reading Personality Traits: Both Good & Bad

My Tender Self

Admit to what you feel greedy about.  It will point to your most tender desire. This is one of Danielle LaPorte's "Truth Bomb"s.  If  you aren't familiar, Truth Bombs are a box of cards with insightful and/or thought provoking statements, designed to "break open your heart and soothe your soul".  There is a box of … Continue reading My Tender Self

The Covert Narc’s Son

I kicked out my middle son today.  Actually, I gave him several months to work things out, to start helping himself and to stop treating me like shit.  When nothing changed, I gave him a month's notice to go.  I should be wracked with guilt, but I'm not.  I'm relieved.  I know it's possible I'll … Continue reading The Covert Narc’s Son

the Downside of “The Universe”

  Truth Bombs I love yoga, my yoga studio and my yoga peeps.  For a time I bought into the idea that "the universe" speaks to us.  It is an attractive idea, right?  In the same way religious people say their lives are controlled by God, many yoga peeps say our lives are controlled by … Continue reading the Downside of “The Universe”