The Unaccountable Accountant

Getting divorced is complicated, especially when you are in a situation like mine.  My ex and I own a restaurant together.  Over the years, as my health worsened, my role decreased and his increased.  In the 4 or  5 years before our separation I had little to do with the business, leaving decisions, management and … Continue reading The Unaccountable Accountant

Sidestepping the Pain

I don't want to write about pain anymore.  Yes, I am in pain.  Every time I think it's gone, it resurfaces, and I wallow.  And I'm so, so tired of it!  If the only way out is through it, I guess I won't get out,  because I'm not going through it anymore.  I'm going to … Continue reading Sidestepping the Pain

Where is My Lorelai Gilmore Chip?

Part of getting divorced is cutting expenses.  As a result, I no longer have cable, which has led to Netflix binges.  I've just finished the first season of the Gilmore Girls, which I had never watched before, but am completely taken by.  When I first started watching I was very unsure of Lorelai.  She seemed … Continue reading Where is My Lorelai Gilmore Chip?

My 1st Thanksgiving & Gratitude

Yesterday was the 1st time I've hosted a holiday dinner alone.  Before my marriage I lived alone and accepted others' invites, so no stress there.  Once married, my ex, the Chef, did the cooking for holiday meals.   Last year, the first round of holidays post separation, my parents and cousins bailed me out, my … Continue reading My 1st Thanksgiving & Gratitude

I Need An App To Learn That App

I try really hard not to act old. I pride myself on not saying “kids these days….”, or “when I was a kid….”, or “the problems with this generation……”. I am a firm believer that while the issues facing “kids” today aren’t the issues I faced, this makes them no less difficult or relevant. I … Continue reading I Need An App To Learn That App