Mt. Everest

I've been writing about my recovery (much more than what I've posted) and it dawned on me that this Trek we are on, recovering from narcissistic abuse, might be similar to submitting Mt. Everest.  Once the idea occurred to me I started reading up on Everest and I am stunned by much of what I … Continue reading Mt. Everest

Life Is Not Fair

Remember when we were kids and when we complained "life's not fair"?   We'd hear "life's not fair, then you die".  Turns out this is not a good thing to say to a child who's mother has cancer.    I've said it a few times to my 14 year old, and I finally looked as … Continue reading Life Is Not Fair

the Downside of “The Universe”

  Truth Bombs I love yoga, my yoga studio and my yoga peeps.  For a time I bought into the idea that "the universe" speaks to us.  It is an attractive idea, right?  In the same way religious people say their lives are controlled by God, many yoga peeps say our lives are controlled by … Continue reading the Downside of “The Universe”