How to Spot a Narcissist/Toxic Person

I was talking to my cousin, and she told me about a group of "friends" she and her husband had enjoyed over the years.  Initially they shared a common bond - Marching Band.  In case you are unfamiliar, being a Band Parent is practically a full time job.  A lack of funds means the parents … Continue reading How to Spot a Narcissist/Toxic Person

Alimony & The Narcissist

I work with a lovely woman who has been divorced for 7 years from her philandering husband.   I know nothing about him except that he called her on a Monday morning and said "I'm moving out, I'm moving in with my secretary and filing for divorce".    They had two daughters, one a Senior … Continue reading Alimony & The Narcissist

The Gift of Me

  Tonight, after a particularly contentious legal day,  I sit writing. I am surrounded by the candles and Christmas decorations I've accumulated through the years, and wondering what they mean.  This is my 3rd Christmas separated, and it is the hardest, and I've been pondering this.  I'm sitting at my dining room table with the … Continue reading The Gift of Me

My 1st Thanksgiving & Gratitude

Yesterday was the 1st time I've hosted a holiday dinner alone.  Before my marriage I lived alone and accepted others' invites, so no stress there.  Once married, my ex, the Chef, did the cooking for holiday meals.   Last year, the first round of holidays post separation, my parents and cousins bailed me out, my … Continue reading My 1st Thanksgiving & Gratitude

Silver Linings of Cancer – Gratitude

It's hard to find the good in cancer, yet it is there.  While still in treatment I found it imperative to focus on the good, since treatment is pretty damn bad.  Here's what I came up with.  My top 10 silver linings  10.   No more bad hair days.  And, no need to shave! 9. … Continue reading Silver Linings of Cancer – Gratitude