Silver Linings of Cancer – Gratitude

It’s hard to find the good in cancer, yet it is there.  While still in treatment I found it imperative to focus on the good, since treatment is pretty damn bad.  Here’s what I came up with.
 My top 10 silver linings 
10.   No more bad hair days.  And, no need to shave!
9.   I’ve finally updated my look.    With ports in my chest and my abdomen my shorts and tops are on hold,  and I’m wearing only dresses.  I’m really looking  forward to rocking the whole dress with boots look!
8. I don’t have to cook or clean!!!!  (I think my Dr. said something about 5 years……?)
7.  I’ve met some really awesome people in the ovarian cancer network.  Check out Lisa’s Army, the Sandy Rollman Foundation, NOCC and Survivor’s Teaching Students.
6.  My youngest is finally getting to spend the summer at the beach, doing all those summer things kids can’t really do in the suburbs.  He & his cousin rode their bikes into town and got breakfast at the diner all by themselves.  What more could they ask for?
5.  People are waiting on me hand and foot.    Hey……where’s my coffee?
4.  My drivers license is up for renewal next month so I’m going to go for bald in the picture.  That should be really fun every time I have to show it!*
3.  My family has finally agreed to spend Christmas together.  This will be our first Christmas together since the 1980’s.
2.  I have never felt as loved and cared for then during the past month.  The number of people who have rearranged their lives for me, cooked for my family, taken care of me, my house, my kids & dog, and volunteered to help in any way they can, has meant everything to me.
1.  I’m getting to spend  quality time with my Hubby.  He’s been awesome. (this was written before he asked for a divorce to be with his GF)
 I could easily come up with the top 10 list of really crappy things too, which I often did during my treatment and the months that followed.  But when things got really bad, I looked back over this list and realized there is always something to be grateful for.
PS:  The whole lack of hair thing is really awesome.  I finally figured out why men shower and dress so quickly.  And the feeling of the breeze on a bald scalp is beautiful, as long as it isn’t cold out!
*Driver’s license.  If you are going through chemo and have to get a bald pic you can go back after your hair has grown in and get your pic re-done.  Who knew??

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