Quite A Show

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3UjJ4wKLkg&list=RDJ3UjJ4wKLkg#t=0 Rhianna sums it up. You Put on Quite a Show It's really entertaining.....   For me this has been one of the most difficult aspects of the relationship with the covert narc to come to terms with.  The idea that it was all just a show, that he actually had no feelings for me, … Continue reading Quite A Show

the Downside of “The Universe”

  Truth Bombs I love yoga, my yoga studio and my yoga peeps.  For a time I bought into the idea that "the universe" speaks to us.  It is an attractive idea, right?  In the same way religious people say their lives are controlled by God, many yoga peeps say our lives are controlled by … Continue reading the Downside of “The Universe”