What Was I Thinking?

When my spouse 1st left me and gave me his proposal for support and division of property, I was horrified.  It was so clear that his intent was to walk away and wash his hands of responsibility for me and his children.  It was such a horrible offer, I didn't even consider it.  How stupid … Continue reading What Was I Thinking?

Let’s Talk FaceBook

A few background facts:  I own a restaurant with my soon to be ex (stbx).  My savings and good credit partially funded it, I helped open it, I did the books for years, and I showed up when it was understaffed and waited tables. My stbx cheated on me repeatedly during out marriage. He was … Continue reading Let’s Talk FaceBook

People Pleaser: Time To Reform

http://yoganonymous.com/the-dark-side-of-people-pleasing This is a whole new take on People Pleasing behavior.  This is something I've done my whole life; except when I've gone off the rails, which I've also done! It seems to me that there has to be a middle ground between people pleasing and losing it, checking out, ranting, and I think I've … Continue reading People Pleaser: Time To Reform

What’s Left of Me?

It's ironic that I have a Master's degree in Psychology but had no real idea what the buzzwords actually meant.  Words like emotional abuse, projection, dissociation, and denial, all so relevant to the therapeutic process, were only concepts; ideas I could define but not really relate to.  It's a good thing I decided not to … Continue reading What’s Left of Me?