The Covert Narc’s Son

I kicked out my middle son today.  Actually, I gave him several months to work things out, to start helping himself and to stop treating me like shit.  When nothing changed, I gave him a month's notice to go.  I should be wracked with guilt, but I'm not.  I'm relieved.  I know it's possible I'll … Continue reading The Covert Narc’s Son

Healing a Bankrupted Soul

I've read so many articles stating that if you are divorcing a narcissist, just cut your losses and walk away.  Every single author says the same thing:  you are fighting a losing battle, you will never win, and you will walk away financially bankrupt if you try to fight him.  I agree with all of … Continue reading Healing a Bankrupted Soul

Beginnings & Endings: Clues to Narcissism

I have 23 years of a relationship with a covert narcissist (CN) to dissect, and the question I keep asking my therapist is "are you sure?"  How can you be sure he really is a CN, and I'm not just re-writing our story?  What proof do you have that I didn't deserve to be treated … Continue reading Beginnings & Endings: Clues to Narcissism