Love Bombing

Dirty John While I've accepted that I was love bombed by a covert narcissist, I still struggle with how it happened.  In retrospect, everything was so clear.  His actions did not match his words, he lied to everyone around him in order to see me, he went through jobs like others go through socks and … Continue reading Love Bombing


I Learned Tolerance From A Minority in A Gun Shop

A few bits of business before I start: I don't care who you voted for.  This is not an anti-Trump blog I am buying a gun.  I hope I don't have to use it, but I plan to be prepared. I, and my son,  are taking fire arm safety classes I am afraid of the … Continue reading I Learned Tolerance From A Minority in A Gun Shop

How To Call Dibs on a Parking Spot

Apparently, this is confusing to some people.  Some seem to believe it is done with their middle finger, not their turn signal.  This is Wrong. Which leads me to further evidence of my recovery. Yesterday I was in a parking lot and I spied a spot, so I headed over to it.  As I approached … Continue reading How To Call Dibs on a Parking Spot

Beginnings & Endings: Clues to Narcissism

I have 23 years of a relationship with a covert narcissist (CN) to dissect, and the question I keep asking my therapist is "are you sure?"  How can you be sure he really is a CN, and I'm not just re-writing our story?  What proof do you have that I didn't deserve to be treated … Continue reading Beginnings & Endings: Clues to Narcissism