Boundaries are Afoot

Tonight I have the "honor" of hosting my uncle, the King of Overt Narcissists (KOON).  He has cancer and is getting a 3rd opinion at a hospital near me, so he is spending the night at my house and I'll take him to his appointment in the morning.   I was asked to do this … Continue reading Boundaries are Afoot

What Was I Thinking?

When my spouse 1st left me and gave me his proposal for support and division of property, I was horrified.  It was so clear that his intent was to walk away and wash his hands of responsibility for me and his children.  It was such a horrible offer, I didn't even consider it.  How stupid … Continue reading What Was I Thinking?

Parenting after Abuse

I've been Netflixing the show Parenthood.  I started watching because I no longer have cable, there was nothing on the main stations, and I love Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls.    Halfway through the 1st episode I was hooked.  If I'm not writing, taking care of my home/kids or doing yoga/therapy/meditation, I'm watching Parenthood.  For … Continue reading Parenting after Abuse