Turn Your Town Teal for Cheap!!

I’ve had lots of people ask me for ribbons to use in their town.  I don’t mind making them and mailing them, but it is really easy, and cheap, to do on your own.
Here is what I do:
1 – Supplies: teal mesh ($5/craft store), bow wire ($3/craft store), serrated knife & scissors
2 – Cut mesh into 2-3 inch sections with serrated knife
3 – Unravel cut mesh, and cut the size you’d like your bow to be, plus extra for tying
3 – In the middle of the ribbon make a loop and tie it with bow wire.
4 – Make another loop and tie it again. Make more loops if you’d like.
5 – Put your finished bows in your car or bag and carry them with you.
6 – When you find a tree, post, or railing jonesing for teal, Tie One on. Or, get creative – hang on your dog, your car, your tennis racket – anywhere you can think of.
7 – Take a pic and post it.
8 – #teamtealsix #ovariancancer #cancersucks #randomactofteal and/or any others you like
9 – Celebrate a job well done!
PS: My bows are terrible and nobody notices.

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