Survivors Guilt

One more more young, vibrant, involved, lovely girl, lost to Ovarian Cancer. She is one of - I've lost count of the number we've lost this year.  Women who have worked so hard to fight not just for themselves but for all of us.  For all Women. These are girls who have started major … Continue reading Survivors Guilt

Turn Your Town Teal for Cheap!!

I've had lots of people ask me for ribbons to use in their town.  I don't mind making them and mailing them, but it is really easy, and cheap, to do on your own. Here is what I do:   1 - Supplies: teal mesh ($5/craft store), bow wire ($3/craft store), serrated knife & scissors … Continue reading Turn Your Town Teal for Cheap!!

Turn Your Town Teal

#teamtealsix #cancersucks #ovariancancer #sandyrollman #randomactsofteal #tealisthenewpink Purpose What do you do when the shit is all cleaned up?  The divorce is final, your body and soul have healed, you're settled into your new home, your new tribe is established?  When it's all over, something new sets in.  I would describe it as boredom, but it … Continue reading Turn Your Town Teal