Impenetrable Boundaries

Every once in a while I find myself re-learning the importance of impenetrable boundaries when dealing with a narcissist.  This week was a refresher course. It started on Monday when my ex narc claimed that his* PowerSchool** was blank, could I tell him what our son's grades were.  I know - seems mighty innocuous, right?  … Continue reading Impenetrable Boundaries

Maneuvering Around the Narcissist

Bear with me - I am going to think this out as I write it. The narcissist thinks only of himself. If you are reading this you can't really grasp this.  You are so busy thinking of everyone around you it makes no sense that the narc could care less.  The only way I've come … Continue reading Maneuvering Around the Narcissist

How Did Your Ex Introduce His Paramour to Your Children?

(As always, substitute her if you are a guy) I thought it might be fun for some of us regulars to share how our ex introduced his adulterer to our kids.  I'll go first.  I'll tell it from my point of view and his point of view (his in red.  Like Scarlet Letter Red) ME: … Continue reading How Did Your Ex Introduce His Paramour to Your Children?