The Power of Negativity

A lovely woman from my ovarian cancer group died last week.  To be clear, she did not pass, depart or gain her teal wings - she Died. Yesterday was the service, and a group of us drove up together.  It was short and simple.  There was no viewing, no hymns, no priest or minister, and … Continue reading The Power of Negativity

I Saw My Father Cry

My father is a stern man.  As a child I feared him.  On the few occasions I felt softness from him, I was too startled to embrace the moment. I'd never seen my father cry.  He didn't cry when he buried his parents and two of his sisters, he didn't cry at any of our … Continue reading I Saw My Father Cry

Anger, Grief & Death

My bosses 19 year old son died at 4:33 today.  He suffered severe cerebral palsy from birth, and his past 3 years had been particularly cruel.  He had 4 major surgeries, each resulting in major complications.  Yesterday he suffered cardiac arrest.  Today they made the decision to remove the ventilator keeping him alive, and he … Continue reading Anger, Grief & Death