The Crime of Emotions

I was just told by my father "you always do this - you don't stop and think things through, then later you say 'oh, I wish I had done this differently'".    Why did he say this?  Because he didn't like a decision I've made. I asked him for some examples, and he started to … Continue reading The Crime of Emotions

When Bad Things Happen To Bad People

I think it's called Karma? Background: The support my ex was stipulated to pay was increased, substantially, on 2/1 The amount he actually paid did not go up.  At all. His response, when I asked him about it, was "that's between the state and my employer.  I have nothing to do with it" I spent … Continue reading When Bad Things Happen To Bad People

Parenting after Abuse

I've been Netflixing the show Parenthood.  I started watching because I no longer have cable, there was nothing on the main stations, and I love Lauren Graham from Gilmore Girls.    Halfway through the 1st episode I was hooked.  If I'm not writing, taking care of my home/kids or doing yoga/therapy/meditation, I'm watching Parenthood.  For … Continue reading Parenting after Abuse

Snow, Single Mothers’, Alzheimer’s & Guilt

The largest blizzard I ever lived through was in 1996.  I was 7 months pregnant, lived with my ex, our 3 year old, and my 7 year old step son.  We lived in a twin on a block made up of other twins, most of which were filled with young children.  It was a great … Continue reading Snow, Single Mothers’, Alzheimer’s & Guilt