I Have A Feeling Hangover

I have a feeling hangover! Two years ago, when I started with my therapist, she said (and I repeatedly read) "you have to feel your feelings to get past them.   You have to walk through them and FEEL them". I said WTF does that mean?  I feel my feelings.  I get sad, I cry, … Continue reading I Have A Feeling Hangover

Where is My Lorelai Gilmore Chip?

Part of getting divorced is cutting expenses.  As a result, I no longer have cable, which has led to Netflix binges.  I've just finished the first season of the Gilmore Girls, which I had never watched before, but am completely taken by.  When I first started watching I was very unsure of Lorelai.  She seemed … Continue reading Where is My Lorelai Gilmore Chip?