Today, on my 55th birthday, I find myself looking back at what I expected my life to look versus what is does look like.  What I expected was a career as a Psychologist, living a fulfilling life helping others, while remaining single.  What I got was very different. I wish I could blame it all … Continue reading Regrets

Divorce Attorneys: The Truth

I am cursed with the belief that when dealing with an adult, I'm being told the truth.  I would think that by now I'd be over that, having been repeatedly lied to by my spouse, but no, I still take adults' words at face value.  Given this, I believed my attorney when he expressed outrage … Continue reading Divorce Attorneys: The Truth

Persistent or Tenacious?

I was once asked in a job interview if I considered myself persistent or tenacious.  Having no idea what tenacious meant I answered persistent.  When I got home and looked up the definition of tenacious, I realized I am usually tenacious; to a fault. Yesterday I was trying to print transfers for shirts and nothing … Continue reading Persistent or Tenacious?

I Deserved So Much Better

It's taken a long time to get here, but I finally get it - I replaced my dysfunctional birth family with a dysfunctional husband, and together, we created Dysfunction Central. I've known for a long time that we had problems; hence this blog.  Truthfully though, I was more than happy to take the blame for … Continue reading I Deserved So Much Better