Damn Right I’m a Drama Queen

I admit it:  I'm a Drama Queen (DQ from here on out because I'm tired.  Actually, I'm......exhausted /dramatic). Part of me is a DQ. One of the stories my mother often tells about me is how dramatic I was when physically hurt.  Apparently, I would scream and howl the entire way to the ER.  As … Continue reading Damn Right I’m a Drama Queen

My Tender Self

Admit to what you feel greedy about.  It will point to your most tender desire. This is one of Danielle LaPorte's "Truth Bomb"s.  If  you aren't familiar, Truth Bombs are a box of cards with insightful and/or thought provoking statements, designed to "break open your heart and soothe your soul".  There is a box of … Continue reading My Tender Self