How To Call Dibs on a Parking Spot

Apparently, this is confusing to some people.  Some seem to believe it is done with their middle finger, not their turn signal.  This is Wrong. Which leads me to further evidence of my recovery. Yesterday I was in a parking lot and I spied a spot, so I headed over to it.  As I approached … Continue reading How To Call Dibs on a Parking Spot

I Have A Feeling Hangover

I have a feeling hangover! Two years ago, when I started with my therapist, she said (and I repeatedly read) "you have to feel your feelings to get past them.   You have to walk through them and FEEL them". I said WTF does that mean?  I feel my feelings.  I get sad, I cry, … Continue reading I Have A Feeling Hangover

Why I Stayed with My Covert Narcissist

Human Doormat Syndrome   I suffer from Human Doormat Syndrome (HDS).  I'm thinking of starting a recovery program for fellow sufferers.  Like AA, we could come together in a circle, take turns saying "Hi.  I'm MurphyCee and I am a Human Doormat".  Then we could share our stories of how we've willingly allowed others to … Continue reading Why I Stayed with My Covert Narcissist