Steer Into the Skid

You will know this is a true story because who would/could make this up.  My day today - My drivers license expires in 3 days, so I set this morning aside to renew it.   I drove 20 miles further than the DMV close to me, because there is never a line.  I walked in … Continue reading Steer Into the Skid


Feelings – Go Away Please!

If you read my blog you know that my bosses son died 2 weeks ago.  It was a tragic loss, yet my boss and her family handled it beautifully.  She and her husband gave their son's Eulogy, and it was touching, poignant, funny and inspiring. And it triggered the shit out of me. (does this … Continue reading Feelings – Go Away Please!

Empath Fatigue- A Real Thing!

Hip, hip hooray!!  I am not lazy, anti-social, or depressed.  My exhaustion is real.  It comes from my ability to feel what those around me are feeling, pretty much all of the time.  It creates what I can only describe as a noise in my mind that sucks all the energy from my body and … Continue reading Empath Fatigue- A Real Thing!