Love & Kindness – All That Really Matter

My brother and his wife adopted a 2 year old girl from Russia 16 years ago. She has been both a joy and a nightmare, often within a single day.  Currently she is leaning towards nightmare, and my brother and his wife spend every day afraid for her.  I spent time with them all yesterday and … Continue reading Love & Kindness – All That Really Matter

The Final Years of an Aging Narcissist

I hope I don't burn in hell for writing this...... I had an uncle who lived about 1.5 hours away from me.  He was a flamboyant narcissist.  He and his wife would come to my town every month or so, sit at my kitchen table and rattle on, telling me the same stories of their … Continue reading The Final Years of an Aging Narcissist

The Unaccountable Accountant

Getting divorced is complicated, especially when you are in a situation like mine.  My ex and I own a restaurant together.  Over the years, as my health worsened, my role decreased and his increased.  In the 4 or  5 years before our separation I had little to do with the business, leaving decisions, management and … Continue reading The Unaccountable Accountant