Diverting the Narcissist

Standing in Uncomfortability   Apparently uncomfortability is not a word.  It is, however, one used often in my work environment.  It is also a situation I found myself in Monday morning.  For over an hour.   Let me start by saying I know I'm outdated, but I Do Not Understand why certain words are used … Continue reading Diverting the Narcissist

Jack Nicholson Face

Forget Resting Bitch Face (RBF) - I have Jack Nicholson Face (JNF) I showed up at work this morning with my JNF. The owner, i.e. my Employer/Boss, sent an email yesterday requesting we begin a new project.  A great project.  A valid, very necessary project.  Except the people she planned to pull to complete the … Continue reading Jack Nicholson Face