The Lie Sundae: The Narc’s Weapon

The Worse thing about being lied to is knowing you weren't worth the truth. I recently read these words, by an author I don't know, and I've been thinking about them.  I imagine in  a healthy relationship this might be true.  I've not been in a healthy relationship, so I don't know.  Do healthy couples … Continue reading The Lie Sundae: The Narc’s Weapon

Oopps I Did It Again

I Was Narced Again! My children learned from their dad how to talk me down, get their way, mess with my head.  I call it "narcing".  (Actually, I call it their dad's name + ing but here I'll call it narcing) My two boys who have been with me full time the past 2 years … Continue reading Oopps I Did It Again