The Mess Left By The Narcissist

How The Narcissist Steals Your Health, Your Sanity & Your Soul   Now that my divorce is final I get to sell my house.  I had thought last fall that we might be coming to an agreement, and my cousins and I did a lot of work to get the house ready for marketing.  When … Continue reading The Mess Left By The Narcissist

It Is Not Your Fault

Divorcing A Narcissist I have just come to a divorce settlement with my covert narc (CN).  It took almost 3 years, and it was hell.  As I get over the constant fear I realize how bad it really was.  The most important thing I've learned is this:   This was not my fault. I was … Continue reading It Is Not Your Fault

People Pleaser: Time To Reform This is a whole new take on People Pleasing behavior.  This is something I've done my whole life; except when I've gone off the rails, which I've also done! It seems to me that there has to be a middle ground between people pleasing and losing it, checking out, ranting, and I think I've … Continue reading People Pleaser: Time To Reform