Thankyou, May I Have Another?

When I was young thin mint girl scout cookies were a big deal.  During the cookie season, one night each week our dessert would be thin mints.    On the thin mint nights here is what happened. Dad, sitting at the head of the table, would open a sleeve of cookies.  He would give himself 3 … Continue reading Thankyou, May I Have Another?

Forgiveness: Not For The Narcissist

I'm feeling a bit angry right now.   If you don't follow my blog, here's the key points to know: 1) I spent 25 years with, and am now divorcing, a covert narcissist 2) Yoga has become one of my coping techniques 3) I live in a small community, and me & the ex-narc have … Continue reading Forgiveness: Not For The Narcissist