Overt Versus Covert Narcissist

The Circus versus the Magician I just spent time with my uncle, a bon-a-fide covert narcissist of the somatic sub-type (obsessed with his looks & physical prowess).  I had planned to work on implementing boundaries, but it took little time to realize I was fighting a losing battle.   At the end of my time … Continue reading Overt Versus Covert Narcissist

The Magic of the Covert Narcissist

It's like magic, what the covert narcissist (CN) does to your head.  Today is a great example of how it works.  I started my day feeling pretty good.  I felt strong, capable, not bad looking for my age, and, believe it or not, Happy.   I went to yoga and saw people who I feel … Continue reading The Magic of the Covert Narcissist