Turn Your Town Teal

#teamtealsix #cancersucks #ovariancancer #sandyrollman #randomactsofteal #tealisthenewpink Purpose What do you do when the shit is all cleaned up?  The divorce is final, your body and soul have healed, you're settled into your new home, your new tribe is established?  When it's all over, something new sets in.  I would describe it as boredom, but it … Continue reading Turn Your Town Teal

Introverts as Public Speakers?

http://www.drmichellemazur.com/2013/12/introverts-make-the-best-speakers.html   I gave a speech this weekend and, not to brag but... I nailed it!  I used to speak in front of groups all the time in my work as an HR Director and Training Program developer.  I always thought I was a good speaker because I'm an extrovert. Recently though, I've come to … Continue reading Introverts as Public Speakers?