Let’s Talk FaceBook

A few background facts:  I own a restaurant with my soon to be ex (stbx).  My savings and good credit partially funded it, I helped open it, I did the books for years, and I showed up when it was understaffed and waited tables. My stbx cheated on me repeatedly during out marriage. He was … Continue reading Let’s Talk FaceBook

Love Wins

My son and I spent yesterday on Capital Hill, advocating for ovarian cancer awareness and funding.  It was amazing on so many levels. To begin, I met many of the women I share with on FB.  FB has a page for those with ovarian cancer, and I have to say, we are the nicest group … Continue reading Love Wins

Ovarian Cancer

https://www.statnews.com/2016/04/01/ovarian-cancer-failure/   Getting a cancer diagnosis is like being hit by a  Mac truck.  I got mine while walking my dog, at 4:30 on a lovely July afternoon.  At that time I was worried about my 11 year old's baseball game, and my older sons education, when suddenly, BOOM. I had been having stomach pain … Continue reading Ovarian Cancer