The Narcissistic Mother

  How easy it is to forget how bad things were once we're on our way to recovery.  I did just that - forgot that while I've come to love my mother, she will never be an empathetic person.  It happened this weekend. My brother has not spoken to either parent for over 3 years … Continue reading The Narcissistic Mother

Words and Narcissistic Abuse

I didn't understand the power of words until I started recovering from narcissistic abuse.  My therapist started dissecting my language, and slowly I learned how toxic the narc (and other disordered people) are in their use of language.  I had put this issue aside until a co-worker started going through the separation/divorce process.  She started … Continue reading Words and Narcissistic Abuse

Acting, Lies & the Narcissist

My youngest son drove me to a Dr's appointment tonight.    It's often illuminating spending time with captive children, and tonight did not disappoint. My son has recently started working as a cashier in the market down the street from our home.  While waiting for my prescription, he launched into a tirade about how much … Continue reading Acting, Lies & the Narcissist

Non-Negotiables and Narcissists

Narcissists Thrive on Non-negotiables!   During the love bombing phase the narcissist learns what your non-negotiables are and emulates them, leading you to believe you've met your "soulmate".  Even if you don't actually believe in soulmates, you will by the time the narcissist is done love bombing you.  All of your non-negotiables, even ones you … Continue reading Non-Negotiables and Narcissists

Codependency or Self-Love Deficit Disorder?

In case you haven't heard of him, Ross Rosenberg is an online guru who tackles the issues of "codependency" in relation to those in a relationship with a narcissist.   He has numerous youtube videos, as well as a book called The Human Magnet Syndrome.  The idea that empaths are particularly preyed upon by narcissists … Continue reading Codependency or Self-Love Deficit Disorder?

Stop With The Platitudes

Individuals in my situation, cancer “survivors”, or those going through divorce, are bombarded with Platitudes. These statements are uncomfortable at best, hurtful at worst. The reason for this is that a platitude “is a statement, especially one with a moral content, that has been used too often to be interesting or thoughtful” ( . In … Continue reading Stop With The Platitudes