Divorce: The Ultimate ClusterFuck

Here is the actual truth about divorce:  while both parties come out of it poorer than before, the party with a conscience will walk away totally screwed.  Divorce does not turn out the way our media portrays it. My brother likens my divorce to the movie 127 Hours.  Based on  a real story, this movie … Continue reading Divorce: The Ultimate ClusterFuck

Future Events Appearing Real

FEAR Future Events Appearing Real   When my ex first left I was terrified.    He'd spent over 20 years putting me down in a way I didn't understand.  When he left I felt helpless and doomed.  As has been the case in my adult years, my parents showed up.  My father, who I've never … Continue reading Future Events Appearing Real

Crisis or Long Haul: Which is Worse?

It is easy to get through a crisis in the beginning.  In the beginning, everyone gathers round and holds you up.   Your family drops everything to be at your side, your friends check in on you every day, your children are on their best behavior.  You are surrounded by love, and you come to … Continue reading Crisis or Long Haul: Which is Worse?