Cheating Narcissist

Funny story...... My ex recently changed his job.  He told our son that he was doing it because he wouldn't have to work weekends, and would have every other Friday off.  Lo and behold, he's now working every Friday & every weekend. My son told me this when I asked how he gets to work … Continue reading Cheating Narcissist


I made it through Easter with a smile and grace on the outside.  On the inside, I can barely breathe.  While I've said this to no one, I honestly don't know how much more I can handle.   I feel like I dug a huge pit in the sand and voluntarily jumped in.  I then … Continue reading Panic

Crisis or Long Haul: Which is Worse?

It is easy to get through a crisis in the beginning.  In the beginning, everyone gathers round and holds you up.   Your family drops everything to be at your side, your friends check in on you every day, your children are on their best behavior.  You are surrounded by love, and you come to … Continue reading Crisis or Long Haul: Which is Worse?