Life After Long Term Narcissistic Abuse

  I spent 24 with a covert narcissist.  This was after growing up with a covert narcissist and an alcoholic.  I am 6 years, 3 months from the date my covert narc moved out, and I believe I am now in the final stage of recovery.  Of course I thought I was in the last … Continue reading Life After Long Term Narcissistic Abuse

Keeper of the Family

Over the last 3 years I've prepared to downsize.  Significantly.  I'm currently in a 3500+ square foot single home, and I've been preparing to move to a much smaller townhouse.  I've gone through every square inch of the house and thrown out or sold things I didn't need, and packed up our family memories in … Continue reading Keeper of the Family

I Need An App To Learn That App

I try really hard not to act old. I pride myself on not saying “kids these days….”, or “when I was a kid….”, or “the problems with this generation……”. I am a firm believer that while the issues facing “kids” today aren’t the issues I faced, this makes them no less difficult or relevant. I … Continue reading I Need An App To Learn That App