Actions Speak Louder than Words

My oldest son is 25.  I mention this because he is now the age that represents the amount of time I was with his father.  He spent copious amounts of time as a child with his dad, traveling around playing baseball.  For him this meant time with his dad, which has influenced his thought process.  … Continue reading Actions Speak Louder than Words


Narcissists Seal The Deal

I had lunch with my eldest son yesterday. It turned out to be serendipitous that I asked him to meet me for lunch, because he had something to share with me.  His dad, my ex, is having a big party tonight where he intends to propose marriage to his paramour. My son was very nervous … Continue reading Narcissists Seal The Deal

Funny Thing Happened on my Way to My New Life…… In 11 days I leave for the longest vacation I've had since my honeymoon in 1991.  Actually, this trip is longer than my honeymoon because, despite my objections, my ex started a new job 4 months before our wedding, so he was limited in vacation days.  We were gone for 10 days, 4 of … Continue reading Funny Thing Happened on my Way to My New Life……

Going Gray with Narcissists/Toxic People

Going gray is considered the best, perhaps only way, to deal with narcissists and other toxic people.  I thought I had it down with my ex, but I did not.  I wasn't going gray, I was simply avoiding him.  Since we live in the same community, and share numerous friends and associates, avoiding him is … Continue reading Going Gray with Narcissists/Toxic People