Adultary & Bed Bugs

If you are in a relationship with an adulterer, there is the chance you will have to deal with bed bugs at some point.  I had the joy of this while going through chemotherapy.  When I first started seeing streaks of blood on my sheets I assumed it was because of my surgery.  By the … Continue reading Adultary & Bed Bugs


Divorce By Numbers

Divorce in PA Assuming you & your spouse are unable/unwilling to negotiate settlement terms, your next step will be going to a "Master".  This is a lawyer who had been appointed by the court to review your case and state what they think the outcome will be if you go to trial.   If either … Continue reading Divorce By Numbers

Disabled or Faker?

Many people are on disability for a clearly apparent reason.  It is obvious, when you see them get out of their car in the handicap spot that they are disabled.  Many others though, don't appear to be disabled.  That is my category - the disabled ghost. It is embarrassing and frustrating to repeatedly hear "you … Continue reading Disabled or Faker?