Today, on my 55th birthday, I find myself looking back at what I expected my life to look versus what is does look like.  What I expected was a career as a Psychologist, living a fulfilling life helping others, while remaining single.  What I got was very different. I wish I could blame it all … Continue reading Regrets


Are we People or Puppets?

I just heard Robin Roberts (GMA) say this regarding last nights debate, and it's effect on voters: "Later we'll hear from the people who might decide this election. Um...will decide this election" I'm not usually one to buy into conspiracy theories, but I have to say, this got me wondering.   Did she mistakenly let … Continue reading Are we People or Puppets?

Introverts as Public Speakers?   I gave a speech this weekend and, not to brag but... I nailed it!  I used to speak in front of groups all the time in my work as an HR Director and Training Program developer.  I always thought I was a good speaker because I'm an extrovert. Recently though, I've come to … Continue reading Introverts as Public Speakers?

Mutually Assured Destruction

This phrase is often used in war movies and political dramas, and is a political strategy adhered to by most countries.  It means that if either side continues, both sides are assured devastating consequences.   The idea is meant to prevent further aggression.  Who knew  I would agree to a path that will lead to mutually … Continue reading Mutually Assured Destruction