Personality Traits: Both Good & Bad

The Real Me -   I've been trying to figure out who I am.  I was the bad seed in my family; the one who didn't quite fit but gave others a great laugh (not with, but at).  I've worked hard all of my life to not be who I am, and now that I'd … Continue reading Personality Traits: Both Good & Bad


Teachers + Social Media

I have a friend who is taking on our school district.  15 months ago she found out a teacher was snap chatting her 17 year old son.  On weekends, at night time, during school hours there are snap chats, usually numbering in the teens.  If you are unfamiliar with snap chat, it is an app … Continue reading Teachers + Social Media

People Pleaser: Time To Reform This is a whole new take on People Pleasing behavior.  This is something I've done my whole life; except when I've gone off the rails, which I've also done! It seems to me that there has to be a middle ground between people pleasing and losing it, checking out, ranting, and I think I've … Continue reading People Pleaser: Time To Reform

The Wrong Choice: My Specialty

My youngest graduated 8th grade today.  I had the perfect seat in the packed auditorium.  It gave me ample opportunity to watch him and get great pics as he received his diploma.  Until.......1/2 way through, they switched the direction the kids were walking.  I got an awesome pic of his back.  I came home to … Continue reading The Wrong Choice: My Specialty

If Restaurants Ran Like Our Health Care System

I am a consumer of health care in the US.  I am also a restaurant owner.  I am often so stunned at what passes as acceptable behavior in our health care system, I can't help but compare it to service in the food industry. If restaurants ran like health care in the US, here's what … Continue reading If Restaurants Ran Like Our Health Care System

What’s Left of Me?

It's ironic that I have a Master's degree in Psychology but had no real idea what the buzzwords actually meant.  Words like emotional abuse, projection, dissociation, and denial, all so relevant to the therapeutic process, were only concepts; ideas I could define but not really relate to.  It's a good thing I decided not to … Continue reading What’s Left of Me?